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DAMNIT NEIL ITS NUWANDA. [entries|friends|calendar]
i guess you were right

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April 23rd]
its 2010 now. ive had this journal for 6 years. when i first created this i was a sad lonely depressed angsty teenager who just needed a hug. ive come along way i think. im happy for the most part. im becoming angry at the world again. what can i say? ive been fucked over by a few boys since posting regularly here. and im really pissed now because joel said he would talk to me at like half 11.. its now 1am. i cant stay up and wait for him to moan about his tma to me. i guess he doesnt want to see me tomorrow?? well thats just fan fucking tastic. i guess ill just either stay home and study or go to cricket and see laura rachel and diana. im not too bothered to whichever one it is. you always manage to piss me off. maybe i love you but im not in love with you. i dont know, some days i feel so strongly for you and then when you say a few works to me over 48hours and dont text me or ring me or anything to suggest you want to stay in contact with me? happy times for you. and one other thing that gets to me, sex. if you want it you get it right? thats whats being in a relationship is for right!!! go find a warm apple pie next time, i cant be bothered with you right now. i want some dita von teese underwear. you could be my fucking unintended. i have a new job now after 3/4 weeks. i start on monday and im a little worried incase im shit. hopefully i wont be. ill take my mum to eden hall and maybe buy myself a few things. liposuction maybe. ill move out eventually. and if you want to live with me, try and consider the word C-O-N-T-A-C-T. i dont want to be with someone whos sole form of communication is MSN. thats fucked up. im just annoyed now cause i have to go to sleep and i know that tomorrow youll be moody cause we arent doing anything together and oh, i guess youll have to give yourself some self loving.

walk past my grave [3] in the dark tonight

March 28th]
Its been a while.

Things are confusing for me at the minute. I have it really bad for this kid.

walk past my grave [0] in the dark tonight

December 2nd]
Ohhhhh love of my life. I am sorry for you.

This christmas will be fun. Im looking forward to spending time with you..

I hope it wont be hard.. The new year and all.

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June 23rd]
i love you and i miss you SO FUCKING MUCH words cant even describe the pain im feeling right now. i dont think i'll ever see you again. you're the one person that i feel. god i miss you so much.

how long is a lifetime? lol god.

life is okay. im going on holiday with my friends in a few days to greece.

after that its working and play really.. its cool.

goodd goddddddddddd i miss you
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March 23rd]
I'll just be laughing when you come to me crying cause you aren't allowed into college for the second year. You know why? I bet you dont.

We're not here to mother you through life. We're not here to check up on you 24/7. YOU NEED TO FUCKING GROW UP.

Im sick to death of you. You never say anything interesting you just speak bull

you ditch your friends

you ALWAYS have to be right
even when your not

and you cant accept that

and just.. dont forget to die lol
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March 9th]
im so in loooooooooooooooooooove ahhhhhhhhh dear GOD lol
why do boys cut there hair when it looks so nice :( happens all the time.. uh. oh well.. hair grows.
speaking of- i shall be getting a trim over the weekend lol hairs looking a bit lank

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March 8th]
well mr. eternal fuck up. you lied. i lied. we're liars.

im so angry. im so angry i dont feel anything for you anymore. im angry im reading all the letters you sent me and wishing we were still like that.

ARGH lol
he said.. aaaaaaaaaaaaargfh
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February 18th]
in the name of all that is HOLLLLLLY crap dale steyn has his tongue pierced. you jsut beat mitchell johnson in them stakes lolo

mmmmmmmmmm tomorrow is filming/getting lost. lambleeeeey dales.. hmm wear trousers me thinks.. schnaggy

dorothy perkins have the dress I NEED in my life

one week of no perving on hotness. damnit.

ahhh fit
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February 15th]
whats up i didnt know where else to post this so here
my thoughtsCollapse )

Its all taking and no giving.

my GOD i am crushing so bad on this guy. then theres this other totally adorable kid.. hey they share the same name lol.. but uuuuuurgh history worth going to now hahahahaha

im like chanelling dolly parton or something im playing jolene ALOT. haha

god love you
walk past my grave [0] in the dark tonight

February 1st]

my life is now complete.


oh and my sister came out the other day
walk past my grave [1] in the dark tonight

my empire of dir [Sunday
January 14th]
Laura is back. yay :)

just finished watching girl, interrupted. always liked the film - better to watch when you're content me thinks.

sa to win tomorrow.
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December 31st]
this is what emo does to you


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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December 27th]

waaaaaaaah i wish richard gere would come wisk me awayyyyyyyyy haha i love pretty woman. every time i see that movie im like 'aaaaahh ohhhhh richard!' lmao corny huh.

going a shopping tomorrow. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

im kind of tired right now. hmm

cricket = meh so so

i miss laura.
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December 25th]
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

merry christmas everyone. I hope everybodys had a grand old day.

Christmas for me has been the same as most years, i appreciate everything people have gotten me so its all good. I didnt ask for anything really this year, maybe i should of but i really dont care all that much. Im happy w/ what i got.

I miss my sissssssterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lots. Shes home on the 13/14th so yay.

xmas dinner was nice.

carols @ SM was good too

all round beans.
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December 22nd]
oh yay lauras coming home early! early jan ish i think. yaaaaaaaay!

im rather content at this moment in time

ribena is just. ribena

its perma-fog outside.. love it.

wish more people were online to annoy.. well a certain someone yes:)

dead leg

i have a geocities webcam page.. the links on my msn somewhere yeah

next order tomorrow :D haha ordered loads of crap i dont need and will probs send back

my rooms a mess so i should prolly tidy it

i want set up craig and martine. but i know martine doesnt like craig that way so. hm
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December 19th]
ah man. what a good/mediocre day :) ahh yes. one has been purchased dvds for xmas. yayhay. "OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!" heh. Was going to see deck the halls tomorrow but lack of funds and lack of people not working thats shot to hell. Am going to Nandos with me darlings though straight after college pops.

thanks mate gonna buy me some NIN tickets :D:D:D:D:DD:D


why is the german market still here? meh.

i dare say. i may be.. falling.. for a certain someone. iii keeeeeeep on fallllllling in and outttttttttt of love.. well you get the picture. we'll see how it pans out.

http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=1209423&imageID=1580376851 FACKING GORGEOUS. ok

eaten too many MNMS and now i feel sick.

good day
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December 16th]
i have a headache.. i feel like shit.. and i just want the world to swallow me up. then probably regurgitate me out on monday.

christ sake. i dunno i do not know.

college breaks up on wed so thats cool.. me and my friends will go out after that. then theres lost wkend either on thursday or friday so we'll probs go to that. it wasnt very good last time we went full of gangster chav kids and crap.

christmas food shopping comes soon.. oh yay.

i think i need to go to the doctors :(
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December 16th]
oohh im going to hull tomorrow. god.

my mouth is so dry im scared its gonna break.

i lost hannah today and man that was shit but no worries i found daniel and martine =)

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December 13th]
:) ! :) !

HAPPY. Totally. DUH.

One of my best friends has bronchietus or something.. could develop into pneumonia. MY POOR FRANKIE :( Bahhh i got her the best present from Lush for christmas. Speaking of - guy who works in lush is so LOVELY. I want to marry him.

A BOY uh huh. I have moved on officially and its fucking great. Hes everything id ever want in a guy so chuffed lol :) Awesomeness x10000000

Tomorrow... mm well. Probably have tutorial with cocaine'd one so i finish about 11:30. I think i'll go home after that. Haven't got any money so.. no point. I have a media exam on Fri morning first thing so i may aswell revise for that eh?

off now x
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i'll be seeing you [Sunday
December 10th]
I wish i still knew you like i used too.

hmph. i watched the notebook and im all EMO. i wish love was like what it was then. SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB. dang. i only ever loved one boy in my life. dang.

i changed a fuse today :)
walk past my grave [1] in the dark tonight

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